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Indian Games To Play For A Fun Evening

Indian Games To Play For A Fun Evening

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India is one of the world’s oldest civilisations and naturally, some of the world’s most popular games and sports originated in India. Not just contact sports like wrestling and kabaddi, but also indoor games such as carrom and chess have had their origins in our great country.

While there are various such Indian games to play on a sluggish evening, we have incorporated a list of 5 top games that you should try with your friends, and be proud of the intelligence and tact of our great forefathers who created these.

Indian Rummy

Extremely popular in India as well as Bhutan and Nepal, this game is likewise called Marriage Rummy. A few people allude to this game as just Paplu, however Nichlu and Tiplu are also part for this game. Played between 2 to 5 players with 3 decks of cards, there are not any printed jokers during this game. We have explained this game in detail in a separate article. Do check it out.

This game is the thing that acquaints most Indians with playing card games, and positions among the top picks in the nation. Coincidentally, one can now play this game online on apps like RummyHall, making it super convenient and an anytime, anywhere game. According to information from the platform, evenings are the best an ideal opportunity to play this game as most players are online at this time. More players means more gaming options and more chances of winning. Furthermore, did we reveal to you that you can likewise win cash as a prize on the off chance that you play the cash rummy version?


Chess is a game with its roots in the Indian game of Chaturanga. A most loved among families, numerous Indian kids grow up playing this game with parents and kin. Parents believe that this game gives children better planning and strategizing skills, and hence always encourage them to play this game without any worries. India’s checkered history in the international chess field, with different grandmasters at the most elevated level have additionally given chess a decency and quality that no other board game has been able to muster.

Ludo (as evolved from Pachisi)

Ludo is the game for lazy afternoons and late nights. In the 80s and 90s when there was no 24×7 cable television to keep people entertained, Ludo would always come to the rescue. Indeed, even today, Ludo stays perhaps the easiest game that additionally requires extraordinary strategic reasoning and arranging. Perhaps the least expensive game to purchase (all it takes is a printed cardboard, plastic tokens and dice, ordinarily costing under a dollar), the cardboard form for the most part accompanies another Indian origin game Snakes & Ladders printed on the other side, which is an added bonus at no extra cost!

Snakes & Ladders (evolved from Moksha Patam)

As clarified above, Snakes and Ladders is a fun board game that originated in India. Played between at least two players on a board with a 100 box matrix.. The emphasis on destiny (or luck, as chances are decided by the roll of dice), make this game unique among board games. This game is a great deal of amusing to play with friends, and in light of the strong luck factor, one need not focus as much as one would in a game like chess or rummy.


An Indian game that has grown over the ages and is currently well known everywhere on over the world, carrom is a game of extraordinary aptitudes and geometrical calculations. Similar to billiards in some ways, with the striking finger acting as the cue stick, the striker disk acting as the cue ball and the carrom disks acting as the article balls, this game is ordinarily more advantageous to claim and play. The board is a straightforward wooden platform printed with aides and one hole in each corner. Generations have played this game and there are no signs of the interest declining.

This was our rundown of the top Indian games you can play for a pleasant and fun evening. Did we miss out on any important name? Let us know and we will add it to the list pronto!